46 thoughts on “What is SEO and how does it work?”

  1. SEO is simple to use. I have a lot of pages in few different niches and in most of them im on gogle first page. I have been using keyword research and backlinks on seowebly com, I used standard package for most of them and in few pages I used premium also. What I recommend is to find the best keywords manualy or using seowebly com. Main thing is high quality backlinks. Good luck guys!

  2. I have been a longtime BlueHost client.  Recently, they created me a modern website to replace my basic HTML site. I was very impressed with the result, and have loved working with Word Press.  Easy to learn, easy to use.  The support staff at BlueHost has been very responsive and helpful with all my website and email issues.  Sign me, a grateful client!

  3. At first i knew only the full form of SEO but now i've known 50% of it and that's cos of your video… Thanks alot and alot for the precious explaination….Love you and God Bless you always….!!!!

  4. Great details to acquire from this video when choosing to learn more about SEO. I started online marketing 3 years ago and the SEO tactics I have from a reputable company like Lexorsoft are really advantageous and with positive outcomes.

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