32 thoughts on “Why “Private Marriage” WILL FAIL In Black America (YouTube Edit, Pt. 1)”

  1. Private Marriage- time( for the proper and sober application and enforcement of it) is NOW. So many cultures have applied this to assist in buttressing and extending the survival of their Nation. Some call it concubinage; others, co-wives; sister wives; life partnering; term (limited) marriage ; affairs. . Everybody obviously can not uphold prescriptive, permanent monogamous marriage. Look at divorce rates. The "music" has stopped and everbody will NOT find a proper seat(marriage arrangement) if they don't get with the program.

  2. The reason why women have to work is because they chose to enter the work force in large numbers. They're like the illegal immigrant work force on steroids. They tend to avoid the tough and dirty jobs, but they still have an overall dampening effect on those industries and the ancillary ones that feed into them. They depress wages and now it's difficult for the average household (especially with kids) to survive on one non gov't subsidized income. Women would have to go back home in the same manner they entered the workforce (en masse) to create the conditions where a single, average, bread winner could realistically support a household like in the 1950's or before.

    And a woman should cook, clean, etc. I don't give a damn if she works or not. They chose to enter the work force so the consequence of that is she will work on top of the things she's supposed to do(myself included). And the reason for that is simple: The sex is going to get boring eventually. Her wearing a different wig or you pretending she's a stranger you pick up at a bar works in rom coms, but it's the same old pussy. Desire is going to wane. At that point, the question becomes: how does she add value to my life? The answer is cooking, cleaning, feminine companionship along with working if need be. That's how she maintains her value. If she's nothing more than one of those new sex dolls I read about, I guarantee you there's several gathering dust in a closet with a man trying to weigh the embarrassment he'd feel going public with it against the possibility of recouping some of the money spent by putting it up on Offer Up or Ebay. 😁

    I enjoyed the podcast O.man. I thought I was sitting still and listening only to suddenly become aware my head was nodding or my shoulder was moving from side to side.

  3. First, happy new year, to everyone, and thus here we go again once more unto the breach, dear friends, or into the fray if you're a fan of "The Grey".

    Second, why is it that when black men are the ones walking away women come up with the "Inter-Beauty Movement" when it is the lack of outer beauty that is making black men leave. This only goes to show how little they view the importance of what black men say, want or need. None of these women ever talked about the inter beauty of the men they did not want even when those men were the best choice for them.

    Third, is any man really think black women will ever be ok with following a contract that they themselves have a hand in making, I say go talk to Toni Braxton about her prenup and her postnup then have a seat and have a tall glass of STFU. The reason black women want to be 21st-century women with 1950's men is that they want all the perks with none of the costs. Am I saying that nobody else would try to do the same, no I am not. But with any other group, we would have no problem calling it what it is, which is being greedy crooks.

    Forth, and this is for the simps, and pro-black males who say nothing but black love is on code or the right thing for black men to do, you are "black feminists", and you have to own that shit. The minute you can tell black men that no matter what he should only be with black women you give all the power to black women and that is why you have so many of them backing your shit. You spend a lot of time talking about the black man being enslaved by the white man and instead of talking about how he should free himself, you want to put him in servitude to black women, do you not see you are just telling black men to trade slave masters? That is why any thinking black man will never take anything you say seriously.

    Fifth, to all the black women who claim to care about black men erasing themselves by having kids with non-black women, you would have a point if there were more mouth breathing idiots too stupid to see the flaw in your argument. At least a man would know that it is his child, unlike you who have kids with guys you find hot but are not worth anything then go to the men you call race traders and insist that they take care of other mens kids while you insist that he should do so while not get the same perks that your baby daddies got for free. We do not make clones of our selves so any child has the same chance of looking like their father no matter who the mother is. So if I have a child with a non-black woman I will know that the child is much more likely to be mine and will have at least a few features that I know comes from me. Also to you dark skinned activists, if most of you really were proud of the skin you are in you would only be with dark-skinned men which we know you are not. You were not the only ones that got made fun of growing up but you are more likely that dark-skinned men to make fun of another dark-skinned person, especially you own dark-skinned kids. So if you really want to stop colorism start with your dark-skinned sisters, because very few dark-skinned men have issues with his or your skin tone, they just don't want to deal with women who project their self-hate onto others.

  4. These are the consequences for having children with the worst type of men. Black women have made themselves irrelevant and the good black men should not even try to hear anything that they have to say and continue to walk away. Obsidian you are direct on the money.

  5. I stated this in the Livestream where this came from. It all depends on what you want out of the relationship on an individual basis, the shit I do or want should not affect you. In the case of relationships what I negotiate should have nothing with you.

  6. I do agree with home boy from san Francisco. I workout 5 days a week, and have had fat chicks believe they had a shot with me. That's directly tied in with black men giving those types of women praise.

  7. I have to agree with Game Changer on his assessment of how bad negotiating of an individual can and will affect the next man. Bad negotiating, on the part of thirsty men, is a huge part of why we’re in this mess now.

  8. It would never happen. The family courts have already ruled that they have jurisdiction over all "marriage like" arrangements. If you act like you are married then you are married in their eyes and a woman will take you to court.

  9. WAKE UP!!! Yahawah's Judgment Has Arrived. To all Israelites that do not know that you are Israelites. God's Chosen People. We are NOT blacks, latinos or native americans. We are the Israelites. We are NOT a religion. We ARE a nation. The scriptures say, there is going to be a massive slaughter (The Purge) of the Israelites scattered throughout the world. 2/3rd's will die (dumb ass niggas) and 1/3rd will be saved (righteous Israelites). It's called Jacob's Trouble or The Great Tribulation (storms, earthquakes, meteor showers, world war 3, economic collapse, race war, martial law, FEMA concentration camps (empty Walmart's and Sam's Club's), famine, the RFID microchip [mark of the beast] DO NOT accept it, and nuclear warfare). Only those Israelites that obey The Laws of our Father Yahawah (His name is not God or Yahweh) and pray to Him in the name of our big brother, Lord and King Yahawashi (His name is not Jesus or Yeshua and He is not white) will be protected. Learn who you are, REPENT and obey All the commandments. Look up Israelites on YouTube. Time is running out. And you can't say, no one warned you. Yes, of course, I know. I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. RIGHT?
    Check it out. (FOR NEGROS) https://youtu.be/QxhHk5htu-0
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  10. O-Man, I always dig your commentary and I'll be sure to listen to this later. Support #BlackMaleMedia brothers! Put $5 on it for Obsidian.

    Without hearing the show yet, the title alone makes me think of why private marriages may not likely gain momentum in Black America, particularly among Gen Y and X and that is because state marriage is thoroughly indoctrinated within Black Americans of these age groups as being thee accepted and legitimate form of morally valid marriage and thus it's highly esteemed, respected and deemed worthy of merit by most, particularly among those of these generations brought up within religious communities. In addition, state marriage is a tremendous validator for women. They've waited their entire lives to be viewed as a wife in the traditional sense in this society. The private contractual route can be pragmatic as a way to establish clear needs and desires being met by both parties but one huge factor is a dramatic shift in marital philosophy after all of these years. Unless the youth find a reason to move with this, in my estimation it doesn't appear that it'll pick up steam. The youth also seem to place much less emphasis on family and the OG's have largely accepted remaining unmarried or not getting remarried or keeping a live-in mate with no docs on file, exiting as unrestricted free agents at- will. Interesting times.

    Salute Obsidian, you're XM radio good!

  11. In reference to Russell and Ciara, the real reason why women are so eager to defend them is more about them than it is about Ciara and Russell Wilson. About a year ago, I went on several videos about their relationship and or marriage. No matter whose video it was, I saw a common thread in the comment sections. They all basically cheered this on because Russell was a "good man" in their eyes. How is that? It's simple: He was a single childless rich light skinned dude who married a baby mama who conceived a child with a street dude who already had three other baby mamas. And they loved the fact that he took on a child that was not his. Now those same women in the comments section – many of whom admitted to being baby mamas to street dudes – all of a sudden wanted their own Russell Wilson. I chuckled when Oshay Duke Jackson had once said their union gave baby mamas a false sense of hope, but after doing that long period of browsing, I have to say that he is right.

  12. Vogue did an article (in December) on the rise of women, proposing to men. And these women (black women included) are going to various lengths, to propose to men.

  13. Private marriage is an option I'm going to take. However I want to do it for Faith reasons and I'm not going to marry a black woman or a woman that lives in this country and my wife will stay in her home country.

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